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Here are the ways individuals or corporations can support Dropping 22 Inc.:

You can donate to Dropping 22 online, in person, or mail your donation to our address at Dropping 22, 916 Williams Street, Great Bend, KS 67530.

ONLINE:  If you’d like to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation, you can pay with your credit card using the link below. (Non-PayPal members can still pay with a credit card without signing up for PayPal.)  Click the Donate button below to start your donation.

IN PERSON:  Bring it to the Dropping 22 Office at 916 Williams Street in Great Bend, KS.  We accept cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards.

The RoundUp App allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit or debit card transactions.  Once you create an account, you do not need to use the app while purchasing.  Just swipe your card as usual.

This app provides a critical source of consistent support that allows us to do our work. This is true philanthropy. The average donor contributes $20-$30 a month. You can set a cap for the maximum amount you will donate in a month. RoundUp makes giving effortless.

The RoundUp App never has access to your credit card number. It uses Stripe as the payment processor, the same company used by Amazon, Lyft, Facebook, and 100,000 others.  

You can set up or access your RoundUp account by clicking here. However, the app can also be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play!

To use the Dillons Food Stores Community Rewards Program, go to to register your rewards card.

Once logged into your Dillons Food Stores account, you can search for Dropping 22, Inc. by name or VV291 and then click Enroll.

New users will need to create an account, which requires basic information, a valid email address, and a rewards card. You can get a rewards card at the Customer Service Desk at any Dillon Food Store.

Remember, your rewards card must be registered for purchases to count for Dropping 22. When you visit the store, swipe your registered rewards card or use the phone number related to your card.

Any future transactions using the Shopper’s Card number associated with your digital account will be applied to the program at no additional cost to you.

Walmart Spark Good

Did you know that every time you shop on, you can round up your change and donate it to Dropping 22? Learn how small acts can lead to a big impact!

Go to to choose Dropping 22 as your donation site.

No matter which way you choose to support Dropping 22, please know it will be used to lift our heroes’ mental health further so we can drop the rate of suicide. Your privacy is protected, as shown below.


We strive to follow the Standards for Charity Accountability from the Better Business Bureau.  As the donor, it is your business to know what information we collect and how we use it.  Following is our Donor Privacy Policy:

1. What information do we collect, and how do we use that information? 

We collect donors’ names and contact information on the forms donors submit. The data could then be used for a thank you letter (which can be used as a tax letter), solicitation during the next campaign, notification of upcoming events, and additional activities throughout the year.

2. How can donors contact us to review their personal information and request corrections?

If you have questions about your personal information, please call us at 620-786-0687.

3. How can donors tell us they do not want their information shared outside Dropping 22, Inc.? 

We do not share our donor information outside Dropping 22, Inc. unless you ask us to do so.

4What security measures do we have in place to protect donor information?

All donor information is maintained in-house in a secure computer program or a lockable file with minimal access for five years.  No specific donor information is shared outside of our agency.  Information on paper is shredded on-site after five years.